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Are you a Blogger and looking for a suitable platform where you can start blogging straight away and monetise it? or you are an established writer and would broaden your sky? Either way you will find blognow a great place to start with.

We have created blognow to provide for all your blogging needs.

We have built blognow on a robust infrastructure. You can rely on it for all of your online blogging needs. We made it super simple and kept it easy to use for you keeping all of your requested needs in mind.

You can get your blognow profile with just a click of a button. Just sign in and start writing.

You don't have to worry about servers, hosting, domain, email gateway etc. just focus on your writing and we will take care of everything for you. 

We know that it is hard to attract visitors to your blog via different online marketing techniques.

Hence we make sure that once you publish your content on blognow we will distribute it to all known social media networks via our automated engine. 

Shearing your content automatically on all social media platforms

This will bring you tons of new readers from difference social media platforms.

Even though blognow is so simple to use. That does not limit its capability. We have empowered it with many rich features like inline editor, email to subscribers etc. and continue adding more on your demand.

Our media is empowered by content delivery networks so that your readers have a seamless lightening fast experience while reading.

We understand that in this age with 1.5 billion websites on the internet. You don't want to create one more account and manage one more password in your head.

Hence we made it super simple with our social sign-on feature. If you already have a Google, Twitter or Github account. Just go on our GetIn page and click on your preferred method of login.

If you are logging in for the first time. We will create an account for you. Make sure you read our Terms and conditions

Blognow login page

Now one thing you have to remember that if you add regular unique content on your account. You might get picked by our editors and your article could get on our featured page. 

This will bring you hundreds of unique visitors as well as increase your fan following. 

We are a big fan of YouTube Subscribe button. And we also understand that this brings a loyalty factor with your audience. Following the Big G's path of engagement. We have also introduced our own subscribe button for blognow.

This ensures that when a reader subscribes to your profile. They get notified when you publish new content. We have not included a bell button yet. We are still thinking about it. But who know you will have it soon.

YouTube subscribe button

We are also thinking to introduce a username for your profile this, will give you a SEO optimised web page on blognow enabling you to share it with your friends and family on your social media platforms. 

Although we are planning to roll it out for only those who have atleast 100+ subscribers on our platform. So in theory if you want your custom username something like then you need to get minimum 100 subscribers.

Although that does not limit you to have a natural user profile page with a unique ID.

Don't worry about subscribers because we are sure if you are writing interesting content then you will get subscriptions automatically.

Subscribe button on your profile

Now you must be wondering how can a subscribe button be useful for me. Well let me tell you that this is not an experiment. It has been done by YouTube already and its proven that your audience retention and recursion increase by 400% by just introducing them with a subscription button. And to explain that further.  

Here is a snapshot of YouTube channels with most subscribers. What do you see common on all of them?

They all generate wonderful content. And they have lots of YouTube Subscribers.


Blog now has became the first best alternative for google's blogger platform. Why? 

Because it is easy to use, free of cost and has plenty of new features which bloggers doesn't.

For example if you need your readers to subscribe to newsletter on blogger platform then you have to integrate it with third party provider and implement lot of automation to achieve the final results.

Whereas here at blognow. You just create a profile and we will automatically add a subscription feature to your profile.

Adding a blog post at blognow

Adding a blog post at blognow is super easy. But before we jump on the topic let me ask you something. 

What do you do in order to write an article on your laptop?

I guess you login into your laptop, click on microsoft word and start writing. isn't it?

What if I say adding blog post on blognow is exactly like that. No complicated dashboard or finding button to write.

Nothing like blogger where you have to go to your dashboard and click on a new post button and then start writing on a small window. We have made it so easy that a 5 year old can also do it.

Just login into your account and click on "Write Story" button. Simple.

Add a blog post on blognow

Being a blogger for around 12 years now I understand how frustrating it is to format and style your content again and again from word to website and vice versa.

Hence we made it clear at blognow that when you copy paste your content from a word document. It automatically formats it.

That said, when you paste the content on blognow you will see it yourself.

We have simplified it with just few formatting options:

Text editing options with blognow

This keeps you focused on writing and not worry about the formatting. 

In order to keep our readers experience consistent across all platforms. We save all data into json format and parse it through different parsing engines while displaying it on different devices. 

I know it got a bit techy, but don't worry I am not going to talk technical for long. 

Unfortunately you cannot do HTML formatting on our platform. We made it like that because we don't want spammers to add unnecessary links and embed content on our portal.

You don't have to worry about saving your content because we do it on a regular basis while you are typing by making sure you don't loose any of your precious writing.

saving your content while you are typing

One of the concerns our bloggers raised when we were developing this platform was to have an ability to see the live preview. Now its a well known fact that when you are working on a piece of content you want to make sure that you want it to look pixel perfect.

And who other than yourself, could decided that?

Well we totally agree. Hence we created a preview button which will give you an opportunity to have a look into your post even before you publish your content. 

Once you are done with your writing or even while you are doing it, you can see preview of your article by just clicking on "Preview Button" as shown below:

Live preview your article while editing it.

Isn't its cool?

Not just it showcase how your article will look like once you publish it but also it gives you an idea of how your content and research is reflecting as a piece of art. 

Another feature requested by our bloggers was to have a word counter while they are writing their content.

Hence we added a live word counter into our editor so that writers could be sure about how many words they have written for any given work.

Word count for blognow

That said our amazing editor will fulfil all your needs to write great content. We also have a video tutorial you can follow in order to learn more about "how to add a blog post on blognow".

Images on blognow

Lets talk about the media files. We all know that images and videos play very important part while users are reading through your content. 

Image statistics for a blog post

If you read through the points stated above, I believe you already understood the importance of images in your blog post. Hence we needed a robust solution so that you can upload and integrate images into your posts seamlessly. So we came up with two different approaches.

Image upload on blognow
  1. When you have an image ready to upload you just click on the plus sign and select the image icon. This will prompt you with a dialog where you can locate your image / photo and upload it. While uploading you will see an amazing loader indicating the progress.
  2. Another approach is you just copy the url of your image and we will embed it into your post instantly.

note: make sure you don't use any images which is not created by you or labelled for reuse.

Image uploader 

Embedding videos on blognow

Videos are the high conversion unicorns in this digital age. A simple blog post could get 400% more return on investment if it has an explain-er video on it.  

Not just that, videos appeal to the mobile users too. Mobile screens are getting bigger and bigger day by day. Still users consume information very fast via video content.

Knowing that we made sure that you don't miss on this opportunity. Hence we included a super cool feature "Video Embed". 

Exactly like images. Its is super easy to embed YouTube videos on blognow. Just copy paste the url of the video and we will embed it automatically.

adding video to blognow

So now you know all major features of blognow. Lets discuss why you should have your profile on blognow instead of having your own website or blog.

Blogs over Websites – What is the benefit?

One can ask this question to choose website over blog or vice versa. Well lets first understand what is the difference between blogs and website and then talk about what are the benefits of each of them. 

The fundamental difference between a blog and a website is blogs are updated frequently where as websites are built to remain same for a very long time period. Companies and organisations use websites to connect with their customers. 

Blogs are used to provide information regarding any particular niche or topic. 

blogs are better than websites

So as you can see above, blogs are much better for your return on investments compared to websites.

On the other hand if we look into the ease of maintaining a blog vs a website. You will find that blogs are much easier to maintain. Because you don't need any specific technical skills to maintain them.

Whereas if you talk about websites, you will see that they need specific html coding skills.

Not just that you will also need to know how to manage your server, domain etc.

Because blogs are updated frequently they retain more interest. Imagine if you have a choice to choose between two different life's

  1. First: starts and end same way every single time.
  2. Second: you know when it will start but you don't know how your life will be in between and when it will end. 

Which one will you choose?

I bet you will choose option 2. Because whats the point of living through the same life again and again isn't it?

Another benefit of blogging is it encourage engagement between you and your readers. Usually blogs offers a commenting system beneath a blog post. Which encourage other readers to reply, help or just comment on the content.

This way you can see how much potential your blogger personality has in terms of engaging with your readers.

Now when it comes to traffic, we all know that nobody can defeat the big G. And I challenge you, if you search for any kind of information on google. You are likely to be landed on a blog post compared to a website.

This makes it is super obvious that google also like blogs. You can structure your blog in a way that it gives more information to google. 

Which in return is always beneficial for your ranking and viewership. 

That's why at blognow we have added a simple but most powerful feature called:

  1. Meta Keywords: Meta tags or meta keywords are snippets of text like keyword 1, keyword 2 etc. that tell search engines what kind of content is on the page; the meta keywords has no placement on a web page itself, the only place they will be appearing will be the page source code. They are essentially little summary of content that tells search engines like google what a web page is about and what information is published on this post. You will be able to add keywords to your article via adding tags to your blog post.
  2. Meta Description: The meta description is essentially summary of your web page content. Its an HTML attribute that provides a brief summary to search engines such as Google. You might have notices Google often display the meta description in search results, which can influence users to click on your web page. First few lines or I must say first paragraph of your article "the summary" of your article will become the meta description on your published article page.
meta keywords and meta description for blognow posts

Why Blogging is so popular?

If you are wondering why blogging has become so popular, then let me tell you about a fundamental characteristic of human beings.

We all are social animals. We actively go out looking for people and interact with them. Our basic nature is to share our knowledge with others and understand others perspective on it. After internet came into this world this has became very easy.

Because now you can share information online where millions of people are waiting for it and would love to share their perspective with you. 

Even people who are shy in person would love to discuss things with their original personality keeping their identity anonymous. Social networks like facebook, twitter and linkedin are few where you can see this happening. 

Blogs have made sharing super easy. Because they have became an alternative platform where you can share and collaborate with outside world.

Successful bloggers rated success factors 

Additionally, all social platforms enabled us to maintain our relationship with our readers in a structured way. For example if you publish a blog post and share it on social media. People from different geographic regions and culture can now interact with you. 

People from different industry have access to information which they were not aware of before because you shared it with them on public forums.

Sometimes it helps them think outside the box. Sometimes it is just a trigger for a cultural change. But all in all it helps our minds to open for the world.

Why do people bother blogging?

People blog for various reasons like:

  1. Gaining traction to their stories.
  2. Spreading the word out.
  3. Becoming an authority in a niche.
  4. For Search Engine Optimisation purposes etc.

But if you go back before 1998 specifically before google. You will see that number of people who write today were proportionally very less before google. 

The big G enabled us to find information easily and hence people started to write about things which they knew had no potential way to get in front of others if google was not there.

So basically the primary reason why bloggers are blogging nowadays is getting their words in front of others.

If we look at the other side of the coin we will see that most of the businesses blog to gain traction. They use their blogs as their knowledge base and direct readers from their blogs to their business.

This way not just they increase their return on investment. But also enhance their search engine rankings.

What kind of people blog?

There is no limitation or restriction on what kind of blogging you want to get into. If you are not breaking any laws you are free to blog about anything you want. People who usually blog are known as bloggers and they could come from any background or any industry.

I have seen people blogging about very diversified niches like business on a tuk truck, different kinds of socks for horse, why you should isolate yourself from this world etc., and I am not judging anyone for what they write about.

I am just sharing that people blog about different topics - no matter if it fits into our society or not.

source: sysomos

I guess only one thing you need other than tools enabling you to write online is passion. If you are passionate about something which blows your mind and drive's you crazy that's more than enough to keep you going.

A pattern I have seen (it's my personal opinion) is people who would like to share their own life with others, which could include their hobbies or interests are the most common bloggers

How Bloggers make money and how blognow can help?

One of the main purpose of blogging is to bring traffic to your website. This happens when you create a loyal community around a niche and keep updating your content on regular basis.

This also helps individuals like you and me to do some research before making a purchase.

According to google 53% people do research before buying any products. Research makes them feel more confident and assure that they are not making any mistake and getting good value for there money.

source: thinkwithgoogle 

Which means if you are a blogger and you blog about specific market or industry then there is a good potential that you can build a good relationship with market leaders and recommend their products to your readers.

Now big businesses understand that people who do research and then make a purchase are often loyal and bring lot of repeat business for them. 

Because these buyers are not landing from online advertisements. These are the people who did extensive research before placing an order.

On a positive node it also reduces load on after sale support and educating potential buyers. Because they read and learn about your product before even they buy it.

Bloggers usually tie up with businesses in order to make money together. That does not mean that bloggers will endorse any available products from any businesses. 

Bloggers understand that their readers trust on them and look forward for their advice. Hence they make sure that whatever products they are endorsing. It should be vetted and analysed thoroughly. 

source: thinkwithgoogle

Now you must be thinking how blognow can help you achieve the same. Well first of all when you start blogging with blognow. You get your own profile, which will enable your readers to subscribe to you. 

This means every-time you publish a new piece of content your subscribers get notified. 

In future blognow will be launching partner programs with bloggers. This will help them make more money which blognow will generate with advertisements and partnership with business. 

So what you are waiting for click on GetIn button and start publishing your content now.